TK-91 Critical Sauce

Cuban Tech Collaboration

(web only price) Sour Chem - Terp Preservation Society

Live Resin that is flash frozen within 15 minutes of the plant being harvested. It is then heat pressed with no solvents giving you the most natural and flavorful high you've experienced. This process preserves as many of the natural terpenes as possible

Tangie Lavish Habit Shatter

Lavish Habit Shatter Tangie

Presidential Shatter by Lavish Habbit

Lavish Habbit Legend OG Shatter

Motor Breath Lavish Shatter

Sunset Sherbet shatter by Lavish Habbit

8 bit extracts

New flavors come and go pretty fast. Current flavors are Love potion , Wifi , GDP

3g for $90

Trim run shatter

Race Fuel Live Resin

By Critical x Cuban Tech Collaboration

Tangerine kush

8 bit extracts sauce