3g shatter Special for $75

Exotic Sauce Pack (call)

1g Humboldt Terp Council 1g Terp preservation (call for this deal)

Special!! KushyPunch 4 for $54

KusyPunch Indica Sativa Recovery & TKO total 460mg THC 30mg CBD

420 Sampler

1/8 Runtzr, 1/8 Peanut butter breath, 1/8 Stinje

Use Coupon: BK2

DO NOT USE THIS ITEM TO CHECK OUT Step 1. Add 2 brass knuckles to cart Step 2. use coupon BK2 Step 3. the price will adjust at check out. We need to do this to be compliant in near future

Raspberry Straws 500mg

Raspberry Straws 500mg

3g Cartridge Deal!

Pick 1g, spliffin, 1g Brass knuckle, 1g LA kush