Orange Cream 710 Sauce

710 Labs Live Rosin is a results from a solventless press of their Whole Plant Fresh Frozen Water Hash, utilizing nothing but heat and pressure to maintain the aromatic compounds and essence of the plant at its living peak. Their Live Rosin delivers potent effects that nullify pain with delicious ease. All their products are single source.

Orange Cream has a 70:30 ratio and is an indica-dominant medical marijuana strain. Orange cream is a cross between Orange Crush and Ice Cream. The aroma of this medical strain is highly orange-like and dank. In terms of flavor, it tastes like candy. When you use this medical marijuana strain, you will instantly feel very relaxed, tingly and body buzz. If you are looking for a good appetite stimulator, or something that gives you relief from body or stomach pain, Orange cream is the right pick for you.

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